Meet Ismari and Peter

Our story started with the birth of our son Craig. He spent the first few days of his life in Neonatal ICU. Unknown to us at that stage he was immune deficient and spent numerous days in hospital from 2013 to 2018. At the peak of our sons poor health, Craig had only been discharged for 10 days throughout an entire year. After numerous unsuccessful doctor visitations led to no results, Ismari and Craig decided to move to Cape Town seeking medical advice from the leading authorities on the subject of Immune deficiencies. Thankfully this led to a change in Craigs treatments and in doing so, they experienced dramatic changes in his health.


Peter and Chi-Ann, our daughter moved to Cape Town from Kimberly in September of 2018. Throughout this turmoil we always had an aspiration to do something of our own and started looking for business opportunities. This is when we bumped into Shift Espresso Bar and the opportunity to become a franchisee. Sadly as we where looking for sites, Peter was diagnosed with bile duct cancer and had the Whipple procedure on 2 November 2020. A week after the 10 hour operation he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and simultaneously contracted a highly resistant virus. During that time Ismari convinced her mom and Stepfather (Rita and Frikkie) to move to Cape Town as she needed help. Throughout all these challenges Peter made a full recovery and has pushed through his chemo treatment.


Our lives have been full of second chances. When Rita and Frikkie gave up their life in Kuruman to come and support us. Our second chance and theirs, started with a dream that finally became a reality when 130 Strand street opened its doors. Rita is now the manager of Shift Espresso bar Strand street and in so, we where able to continue our jobs. All our second chances symbolise Shift Espresso Bar and the new life we have unlocked for ourselves. 



Monday – Friday  06:30AM – 4:00PM

Saturday                06:30AM – 2:00PM

Sunday                  Closed  


133 strand street

 Cape town